Obsessions: ASD Symptom

Many people with ASD have obsessive personality traits. Collectors are obsessive. You might know someone who collects elephants or pigs, for example. They will not be able to resist buying the things they collect, and they will talk about them a lot. This will prompt people to buy them these items as presents, and before you know it, their house is over-run with ornamental and cuddly frogs…

…Frog T-shirts, frog tea-towels, frog pens, frog bags, frog bed linen, frog… yeah you get the idea. No, I don’t collect frogs. I’m currently into rocks; agates and geodes, but I’m only a bit obsessed, and no doubt that will change to something else soon.

Perhaps you know an obsessive fan of a rock star, who follows them all over the country and buys every record they ever release. Every poster, every pin badge, every scarf, T-shirt, book and video on the market; they have to have it.

Then there are the Film Nuts. They know every single word of dialogue of their favorite movies and say them in the authentic voices all the time, driving everyone around them crazy. Unless they only hang out with other people who have the same obsession. Then they are as happy as pigs in poop.

Then there are the geeks who love to dress up as their favorite super heroes, and despite approaching middle age, will find the tiniest excuse to wear costumes. Click The Big Bang Theory video above to watch on YouTube.

Then there’s the Trekkies, Star Wars and Doctor Who fans who love to dress up as their favorite characters and go to the conventions. Or the academics who love to bore everyone with their theories and formulas. (I could use another pic of The Big Bang Theory here too).

The obsessions I’ve mentioned so far can mostly be harmless fun, except when the fanatic spends much more than they can afford on their obsessions. But other obsessions can be much more harmful, such as when people develop an obsession over a person they believe they are in love with.

I believe all stalkers are on the autistic spectrum, and who have crossed the line between acceptable and unnacceptable behavior. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong, but they have delusions and are often depressive or have psychotic disorders. But I also believe all people with mild obsessions are also on the spectrum.

I have known a lot of people with depression who have mild obsessive personalities. I consider myself in that group too. I was the nutter who followed the pop star around the country, but thankfully I didn’t stalk him – much.

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