Unable to Handle Stress: ASD Symptom

Unable to handle stressThis is probably one of the biggest symptoms, and it took me years to actually figure out the connection. It’s very difficult to summarize in just a few words what almost all high functioning people on the autistic spectrum have in common. But Unable (or less able) to handle stress well” – aka Anxiety is definitely one considerable thing most ASD guys and gals suffer from.

And sadly a lot of sufferers will be unable to admit this either – even to themselves. Some of the worst affected will tell you they couldn’t be happier. And yet at the same time, many will be serial complainers, or worry about tedious stuff, or have a bad temper, or have permanent guilt, or be over-emotional, or… the list goes on and on.

This certainly is/was the case for me. I say “is/was” because I have become a LOT better than I used to be, but if I’m tired, I’m a lot less able to cope with stressful situations. Actually, just knowing that fact has been an enormous help because when I get wound up that someone is taking the piss, for example, or acting unfairly, I try and remember to ask myself “would I feel this way if I wasn’t tired?” Often the answer is No.

So I try not to worry about it, and busy myself with something that takes my mind off it, and then I’m usually ok.

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  1. I have noticed also that aspergers folks are oftentimes nervous. And nervous folks cant cope too well with stress. I get physical symptons too like indegestion and breathlessness when I am under stress.

  2. Stress means many things demanding my attention at once. I can’t handle that. I need to do things one at a time. This is also problematic when I have many things to do, but don’t know what order to do them in. I could handle the list if I knew how to prioritize them, but especially if they’re not things I personally value or care about, then how can I prioritize wastes of my time? I’d rather do none of them because they’re not important!

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