Poor Relationships – ASD Symptom

Because obsession is part of a lot of ASD lives, some people on the autistic spectrum seem to go crazy when they fall for someone; they become an emotional wreck, and make themselves really ill.

Unrequited love is a common thing for people with High Functioning Autism. In extreme cases, some will develop stalker-like behavior, which is unhealthy for anyone.

“My version of falling in love is borderline psychotic.
Should be avoided at all costs. Get obsessed.
Can’t fall in love and function at the same time.
All-consuming. Tunnel vision. Euphoric.”
– Graham Norton

Many find the stress is too hard to bear, and they end up giving up relationships and dating altogether. It’s just easier to stay single.

If a person has Asperger Syndrome they will be intolerant of lots of very specific things, and this will often cause friction within a relationship. People with autistic spectrum disorder will also often have poor self esteem issues, which lead to things such as depression, paranoia, jealousy and irrational behavior.

Selfishness is often apparent in people with Aspergers and other AS disorders, and this will cause resentment in the other partner. Depending on how they deal with it, will determine if the selfish person will get worse by taking their partner for granted, and the problem spiraling out of control. Or will they put their foot down and nip selfish behavior in the bud?


Some people with High Functioning autism like to be the center of attention and are incapable of listening to others. Instead they will talk over others. This greatly hinders their ability to get on with others, and form friendships.

Some, without being aware of it, are very negative and constantly looking for things to dislike about the people around them. They live in such fear of others that they actually anticipate not getting on with people, so they search for “things wrong with them” as an excuse to leave the negative situation, whether it be a brief get-together in a bar with colleagues, or an actual relationship.

Family Relationships

There are many people who are estranged from their parents or siblings. The issues surrounding ASD to start with, caused the rift in the beginning, but the continuing fear and insecurity associated with their estranged families makes reconciliation unlikely. Also, the common inability to forgive, in an ASD sufferer, will often ensure that the rift stays permanent.

Many people on the Autistic Spectrum have a past littered with broken friendships and relationships, due to these many social problems.

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