I believe there are many thousands of famous people with high functioning Aspergers or ASD.

I think the above people have/had it, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sorry for the typos in the video. The person who made the video got Affect and Effect mixed up for a start. But I did not make the video, I just embedded it.

I also know that the character trait of NOT having a good imagination for creative stories, is mostly incorrect for high functioning aspies. Limited imagination can sometimes be the case for more severely affected Asperger’s sufferers, and for some maths and engineering savants, but many high functioning aspies can and do write amazing work. I have seen some wonderful stories, books, articles, poems, songs, diaries and blogs from fellow aspies. In fact I think being on the spectrum is actually responsible for their lateral thinking and unusual ideas. So I disagree with that particular statement in the video.