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Pragmatic – ASD Symptom

A lot of people with Aspergers and other autistic spectrum disorders are unable to see the point in doing anything unless they first know the reasons why. Pragmatic people are very inquisitive, and sometimes this is endearing. And sometimes it … Continue reading

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Arrogance – ASD Symptom

When we refer to someone as arrogant, we nearly always think of arrogant as obnoxious and impossible. There can be a thin line between confidence and arrogance, but confidence can be feigned, and often arrogance is the result of an … Continue reading

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Irritable – ASD Symptom

Being irritable is known by most people to be a result of tiredness. Many parents know it to be a result of tiredness, hunger, pain, discomfort, illness, not getting his or her own way, etc. But when a person is … Continue reading

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Intolerance: Aspergers Symptom

Although intolerance can be a symptom of all Autistic Spectrum Disorders, it is a very prominent symptom of Asperger Disorder. Most sufferers will particular intolerances unique to them, and even be the source of many jokes from their family and … Continue reading

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